What does it mean to be Catholic in the workplace? How does our Catholic faith inform our role at work, in our communities? With each new blog post, we hope to inspire and encourage.

Prayers for Such a Time as This

A global pandemic, racial injustices, and an election year each on their own are enough to make anyone crazy. But this year brought us all of it. We’ve had to adapt to new [...]

Disciples in Training

This was the speech given by Denise Barajas, President of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2020 in California, at the graduation ceremony for the 2020 TLI cohort in California. ___ Good evening, [...]

We Are Called to be Servant Leaders

This was the speech given by George McNeely, President of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2019 in Arizona, at the graduation ceremony for the 2019 TLI cohort in Arizona. ___ Bishop Olmsted [...]

Stillness: A Reflection

In this moment of silence there is a stillness all around me. I can breathe in deeply while letting the crisp air fill my lungs. It’s peaceful, nice and quiet. Refreshing, to say [...]

Words of Gratitude

This was the speech given by Gustavo Estrella, President of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2018, at the graduation ceremony for the 2018 TLI cohort. ___ Thank God for our Bishop, Thomas [...]

The Feminine Genius

I was in my first semester of my freshman year at Arizona State University. As a Catholic who desired to continue living my faith in college, I hoped to find a community of [...]

What is Leadership Anyway?

The Oxford dictionary offers three definitions for leadership: 1) the state or position of being a leader, 2) the ability to be a leader or the qualities a good leader should have, 3) a group [...]

The Pandemic of Suffering Souls

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired of hearing the word “coronavirus.” It seems to be all anyone is talking about right now. I do not say this to diminish [...]

Called to be Faithful

The Oxford dictionary defines brainwashing as “pressurizing (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.” I looked it up, because recently someone who had been admitted to—and later [...]

Identity & Purpose

I am convinced that one of the reasons our leadership program is so successful is because by God’s grace we have been able to help people in two fundamental areas where many a [...]

Work is a Gift from God

“Whatever you do, do from the heart, as for the Lord and not for others…” Colossians 3:23 Work is a blessing because it was ordained by God. It is a great gift to [...]

More Professionalism in 2020

There are three things we need more of in today’s workplace: commitment, accountability, and simple professionalism. This 2020, I’ve decided to be more disciplined in each of the three. I hope these thoughts [...]

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Everyone has a desire to belong and it’s this desire that drives us to pursue friendships with the people in our lives. We were made for friendship and community, in our homes, in [...]

We Can’t All Be Theologians

Undoubtedly, for some, getting a degree in theology is exactly what God wants. Some might be destined for the priesthood or religious life, but have not yet discovered it. They could definitely use [...]