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A Daily Routine: Prayer in the Life of an Entrepreneur


Having a daily prayer life is essential to strengthening one’s relationship with Jesus Christ and nurturing the body, mind, and soul. As Catholics and Christians, many of us have built prayer into our daily lives and rely on God heavily throughout each day. For others, it is difficult to begin a prayer routine and build it into a busy schedule or once begun, to stay consistent with it. Today, Maria Lipp shares her perspective and practice of prayer in her day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. We pray this may serve as inspiration to you to find your own ways [...]

A Daily Routine: Prayer in the Life of an Entrepreneur2020-12-10T13:59:25-07:00

We Are Called to be Servant Leaders


This was the speech given by George McNeely, President of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2019 in Arizona, at the graduation ceremony for the 2019 TLI cohort in Arizona. ___ Bishop Olmsted and distinguished guests, First and foremost, on behalf of the TLI Class of 2019, TLI Director Cristofer Pereyra, thank you for your courage and endurance. To paraphrase Alexandre Havard from his book, Virtuous Leadership, “Courage is the sacrifice of self for the realization of prudent and just goals. Endurance, as the essence of courage, requires a strong proactive spirit in which man’s deepest strength reveals itself.” [...]

We Are Called to be Servant Leaders2020-08-06T15:37:46-07:00

Stillness: A Reflection


In this moment of silence there is a stillness all around me. I can breathe in deeply while letting the crisp air fill my lungs. It’s peaceful, nice and quiet. Refreshing, to say the least. This moment. This silence. It goes from one minute to two to three and while breathing it in there is something else here. Movement. Movement in the stillness. But that movement doesn't come from outside distractions but from inside of me. Not in one particular place but all within me. It’s loud and I just want to move for my mind to be occupied [...]

Stillness: A Reflection2020-07-20T09:35:10-07:00

Catholic Leadership Amidst a “Paradigm Shock”


This was the speech given by Luke Kircher, President of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2020 in Arizona, at the graduation ceremony for the 2020 TLI cohort in Arizona. ___ In the tradition of TLI, I’d like to start how we begin all TLI gatherings – with our opening prayer… “O Mother, strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in the laity, so that in every field of social, professional, cultural, and political life they may act in accordance with the truth and the law brought by your Son to mankind.” The Holy Spirit works through each [...]

Catholic Leadership Amidst a “Paradigm Shock”2020-07-10T09:37:29-07:00

Words of Gratitude


This was the speech given by Gustavo Estrella, President of the Tepeyac Leadership Initiative Class of 2018, at the graduation ceremony for the 2018 TLI cohort. ___ Thank God for our Bishop, Thomas Olmsted, for his visionary leadership and remarkable foresight in arming the people of the Diocese of Phoenix with faith-forming programs, such as TLI, in order to advance the mission of the Church. Your passion and tireless efforts to the mission of evangelization are an inspiration. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated leader at the helm such as Bishop Olmsted. Thank God for Cristofer Pereyra [...]

Words of Gratitude2020-06-15T08:16:28-07:00

An Opportunity to Respond with Love


No matter who you are, what you believe, or where you stand on the current events in our country, this time in history is a time we will all look back on and remember. What happened yesterday in Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Jose, Chicago, Tampa, and many other places is heartbreaking. This situation is hitting close to home for many people. For me, it’s knowing that some of my friends have had to post up outside their businesses and bear arms in the midst of the chaos. Many individuals have committed criminal acts—thieving, looting, and rioting—under the guise of “protesting” [...]

An Opportunity to Respond with Love2020-06-02T15:24:39-07:00

A Thoughtful and Balanced Approach to Graduate School


In the summer of 2013 the Lord brought me to work at Grand Canyon University in their Strategic Educational Alliances department (now called K12 Educational Development). From the moment I began, my boss encouraged me to pursue a Masters degree. I was hesitant at first, but after much discussion with my family, friends and mentors in my life, I decided to move forward. I actually ended up earning two Masters Degrees in my time working at GCU – a MBA in 2015 and a M.Ed. in 2018. It was not easy, but I was blessed to have an amazing [...]

A Thoughtful and Balanced Approach to Graduate School2020-05-26T11:39:18-07:00
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