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Mission of the TLI Alumni Association

The purpose of the TLI Alumni Association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and advance Tepeyac Leadership, Inc.’s mission of delivering civic leadership development to lay Catholic professionals in the U.S. and beyond. This is accomplished primarily through financial support which comes in the way of membership dues. The TLI Alumni Association supports TLI’s mission and strengthens ties between TLI alumni, the Church, and the community.
Alumni relations are an important part of TLI’s activities for many reasons: Alumni are our most loyal supporters and are often in the position to engage the expertise gained through TLI in their professional lives. Our TLI alumni are TLI’s most intentional ambassadors. TLI Alumni help TLI in multiple ways, such as mentoring, networking, and creating a culture of strong lay Catholic leadership.

A culture of generosity permeates the TLI family, as the desire to give back is a proud part of the Catholic tradition. There are many ways in which you can show your TLI pride and passion by giving back, whether it’s a donation of your time or resources. You can help transform the lives of other lay Catholic professionals today who thirst for the same sense of purpose you once found through TLI. Membership funds go toward the cost of forming the next generation of lay Catholic leaders. In addition, your support helps increase the stature of our leadership program, through continuous improvement of all its components.

Most importantly, your support helps make TLI accessible to a greater proportion of participants from different socioeconomic backgrounds; ensuring more of them graduate. Your philanthropic effort through the TLI Alumni Association accelerates TLI’s progress and mission. As a contributing member of the association, you take part in our vision for TLI’s future and ensure that the values that have made our program unique and prestigious continue to guide us for years to come.

Becoming a Contributing TLI Alumni

All graduates of TLI are considered members of the TLI Alumni Association. However, becoming a contributing TLI Alumni Association member connects you to other TLI alumni who share your passion for virtuous leadership, by supporting the mission of the Church, influencing the culture and serving the common good.

Consider becoming a sustaining member today. The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Lifetime contribution levels are considered gifts to Tepeyac Leadership, Inc and as such, should be tax deductible. * You may pay all at once or monthly. (*Tepeyac Leadership, Inc’s application for tax-exempt status is now pending approval from the IRS. Should it be approved, all contributions will be retroactive).


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Reasons to Join Your Alumni Association

Do you remember how you felt when you first started the program? Now, you are on your way, and TLI is proud of you. That pride goes both ways of course. If it weren’t for TLI, many of our alumni might still be trying to define their own commitment to leadership. So, what’s the best way to show that TLI pride? Give back and join the TLI alumni organization! It is a way of continuing that valuable experience you received from TLI.
In fact, here are a few reasons to join the TLI alumni association:

  • More Connections– Building a network with other lay Catholic professionals increases your connections. The TLI Alumni Association offers many chances to rub shoulders with other graduates at networking, or socials events, like philanthropic events and service opportunities. Not only is this a great way to mingle and enjoy yourself, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to expand your professional connections and meet other lay Catholic leaders.
    Giving Back- Joining the TLI Alumni Association is the easiest way to give back to Tepeyac Leadership, Inc. Our organization’s mission of delivering civic leadership development to lay Catholic Professionals in the U.S. and beyond would not be possible without the financial support of TLI alumni donations.
    Stay in The Know- Contributing TLI alumni are always in the loop. Faith and professional growth opportunities and networking events are two of the biggest reasons to join. However, news about the Catholic church as it relates to the professions, as well as industry insights always hits alumni first. TLI alumni learn first about workshops, webinars, conferences and more.
  • Show Pride- Supporting TLI shows pride in the experience you received. Are you proud of being part of the TLI family? Does your certificate symbolize your appreciation for the program? Alumni support is essential to keeping this pride alive!
  • Help Others- The TLI Alumni Association is a great way to help current participants. Whether through (the portion of funds that go into) scholarships, or the time you give back, your membership can bring about a whole lot of good for new program participants who are now in the position you once occupied. (We’re sure that you appreciated the help you got back then too!)
  • Increase the Value of TLI- How does your personal TLI experience increase in value? It’s simple. According to several news reporting agencies such as U.S. News & World Report, alumni engagement is one of several qualities used to rank major education organizations. When you join your alumni association, you increase TLI’s reputation. In turn, this makes your TLI experience even more valuable! Win-win.

Remember how you felt when you first started the program—nervous, shy and a little apprehensive? Assess how you feel now—confident, eager to grow in virtue and looking forward to supporting the mission of the Church, influencing the culture and serving the common good? Join others who feel the same way and help those who are still working to get there!